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Why Get Knockout Bites?

  • 15g Of Protein, 0g Of Sugar, 80 Calories
  • Increase Energy And Feel Fuller Longer
  • Satisfy Those Sweet Cravings Without Sacrificing Your Fitness Goals
  • Great Pre-Workout Or Post Workout Snack!

Knockout Bites vs. other candy


When to Have?

  • As a pre-workout energy boost!
  • As a post-workout protein snack!
  • To replace a craving for an unhealthy treat! 
  • Getting extra protein in your diet without eating excessive carbohydrates 
  • Feeling Snacky? 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great flavor--love the protein

These protein gummies have been a staple in our household to increase my protein in-take postpartum. Simple and easy to consume while on-the-go with a little one. They have a surprisingly great flavor and are not gritty. I am excited to utilize them as race fuel once I return to triathlons. Thanks, Knockout Bites!

Love the Bites!

My team works on the college campus and thought these would be a great thing to hand out to college students while we table on campus. Everyone we asked about these said they would love them! Looking forward to sharing more of them!

Also, these were a great protein snack for wife who is postpartum!

Great concept and execution, pleasantly surprised!

I received these as a gift for Christmas and was surprised at the idea of "protein gummy bears".

I am the type of person that will look around for the healthier option for snacks (healthy, protein cookies; protein muffins; dried fruits over doritos; tortilla chip alternatives; etc.) I am not afraid to sacrifice a bit of taste for increased quality and health of a product. I was amazed to find that these gummies didn't sacrifice flavor!

As I tried these gummies, I was surprised by how similar the taste was to other gummy products! With 1g of protein per gummy, these are a great substitute for other gummy products. Along with that, these can be a post workout snack, lunch additive, and craving crusher.

Just bought another 8 bags. I will be a repeat customer. If there was an affiliate program, I would totally join to spread the word about these!

Guilt free gummies

I grew up eating Haribo and other gummy bears. But I can eat these without worrying about being unhealthy. Will be ordering more soon!

Johnathon Gephart
Pretty good

The only problem I had was the shipping time. But the flavor was great and awesome pre or post workout snack

Frequently Asked Questions

When does my order ship?

Orders are shipped out within 2-3 business days.

What kind of protein is in the gummies?

Our gummies are comprised of a mix beef gelatin & beef collagen!

Where is it made?

Knockout Bites are manufactured in the USA!

How do Knockout Bites have 0 grams of sugar?

The sweetness of Knockout Bites is comes from allulose, a natural sweetener sourced from fruit.

Why are your gummies so expensive?

We're a new business that's passionate about making the most delicious protein gummies on the market. Our gummies are produced in small batches with the highest quality ingredients.